Love is in the air!  There is nothing like planning a wedding and like many things in life, the outcome of events in your life depends on how well you planned in advance.  Joe and I are both planners and organizers.  People who know us know that we plan lots of details both in our personal and business lives. 

 Now, it is time for Matthew and Erika to do the planning and from the looks of it, the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree and our future daughter-in-law will fit right in.  (But, we already knew that!)

 As you might remember from previous blogs, Matthew and Erika became engaged on July 15th.  By August 7th, we joined them and Erika’s parents on a day trip going from one wedding venue to another to find the perfect place.  Of course we had appointments!  Erika mapped out the entire day for us which ended with a wonderful dinner at her parents’ home. 

 I truly admire Erika.  She is not only well organized and efficient, but she came equipped to each meeting with a notebook and a series of well thought out questions.  If Erika didn’t ask a question, Matthew chimed in.  The parents sat back and let the ‘kids’ take the lead.  Ultimately, they negotiated a great deal for their perfect wedding.  By the end of the day, the date, time and place were booked. 

 As I write this, it is not quite the end of August and to date, the wedding date is booked, the officiant, the band and the photographer are hired, the wedding album is selected, the hotel is on board with discounted rooms for guests and the invitations are selected.

 Oh, and of course, Erika already found the perfect dress! 


Check back Tuesday for another update from Joe and Annemarie’s trip to Italy!