When our son, Matthew, told us he was finally going to propose to Erika, his girlfriend of six years, we were very happy and could not wait to hear all about the wedding plans.   However, when it comes to planning a wedding, things have really changed from my day.

            When I got married, many years ago, I was mostly out of the loop (even though that term did not exist back then) when it came time to plan the wedding.  Once Annemarie said yes, a well organized team of wedding planners consisting of Annemarie and her mother went to work planning the perfect wedding.   From my point of view, it was as if they were planning a surprise party to which I would be invited but would not need to know much more than the date, time, and place.   I was happy to be out of the loop and was extremely confident that everything would be as it should be at the perfect wedding.

            Today, men are much more sensitive and involved, or, at least, they appear that way to me.  This became apparent when Matthew advised us that he and Erika would be checking out several wedding venues together.  Matthew has continued to be involved in all aspects of the wedding plans, so far, and certainly appears to be knowledgeable as to the ingredients of a great wedding.   He has been checking out bands for the reception and helping develop the guest list for our side of the family.  

            I am sure that Erika, as with all brides, is relying on the advice and help of her mother; but, I am both amazed and impressed as to the level of Matthew’s involvement in the planning of their wedding.     

            I am glad that Matthew is in the loop and applaud his desire to be involved; however, he better not decide to bake the wedding cake, there are limits after all.