Since I, as an American, live in a country of immigrants, I am both proud of my country as well as being a strong believer in embracing my heritage and the culture of my ancestors.  I also feel that it is important to pass this culture down to my children so that they can understand and appreciate their roots.   I have done this in many simple ways, including putting a photo album together of their relatives going back as far as I could and typing up a booklet of all of our family recipes so that they could continue to enjoy the food that I and they grew up on as part of that culture.

            Traveling to and exploring Italy is a big part of embracing our culture.   One of the happiest times of my life was when Annemarie and I were able to take our four children on a three week trip throughout Italy in 1999.  We traveled from Venice to Sicily and shared with them all of the great art, food, and history of Italy that is their heritage.  We were able to take another trip together to Italy in 2006 when we all went to visit our son, Joseph, who was studying in Florence.

            Our children are now moving on with their own lives and it is next to impossible to plan such extensive trips together.  

            That does not mean that Annemarie and I can’t continue to enjoy our culture and with that in mind we have planned a month long trip to Italy starting this September 8th  so that we can leisurely explore the northern lake areas which is a part of Italy we have not yet had a chance to visit.

            This is more than a vacation this is an extensive excursion away from home and our business.  We will need to be able to find a way to enjoy this trip, run our business, plan for our son’s wedding, keep an eye on our new home in Arizona, and manage the rental of our condo at the Jersey Shore.   How will we possibly accomplish all of that?   We will be sending updates while on our trip and let you know.