USFSB operates our business with our own custom computer system.   It is the Membership and Benefits Information System or for short, MBIS.  It is a sophisticated system that was born out of necessity, but was not easy to come by. 

 When I first came to USFSB, it became quite clear that the existing computer system was not only inaccurate but also the staff was inept at using it, maintaining it and translating the data it produced.  We were not able to keep any kind of consistent or accurate reporting.  Reports were spit out and handed in without any concern or interpretation of what they meant or if they even made any sense.  It wasn’t until Joe started questioning the data that it all unraveled.  As he asked for explanations of the data, the responses were vague usually no more than “Well, that’s what the computer says.”  It was obvious that no one knew what was going on.  Probably the only thing in the system that worked with any consistency was the monthly billing, but even that we learned, had some flaws. 

 In reality, we have to be able to track our current membership including who does or does not have insurance, who does or does not get a bill, who pays or does not pay on time and who has to be cancelled.  Each of these layers of information is important to the success of our business and is now built in to our system in a much more accurate and inter-active manner than our previous system. 

 It took almost two years before we were finally able to create both our computer system and our website and it was not without great expense and much time.