While in high school and even in college, our two oldest sons and their friends spent summers and school vacations working in the office.  They loved being able to bring their friends there and their friends loved getting a small paycheck, from time to time.  The boys learned the value of working in a family business by doing any jobs we needed them to do.  At times, it was data entry, filing, organizing our stored files, making calls to update member information, or stuff envelopes for billing.   No matter what it was, they enjoyed working here.  

             By the time the two older boys graduated from high school in 2000, our son, Joseph, would work at USFSB and he, also, brought his friends to work here.  After he left for college in 2003, only our daughter, Julia, was left at home and she too came in to the office to work, from time to time, along with her friends.  I believe it was a valuable experience for all of them and helped form the great work ethic each of them has today. 

             In 2005, after our two older boys graduated from college and had worked in respective fields for a year, they became intrigued by becoming business owners.  They always had an entrepreneurial spirit.  As early as the age of 14, they started their own ‘handyman’ business which, by the time they left for college, they had sold to other kids in the area.   They approached us about starting a NYC branch office of USFSB.  Although we didn’t necessarily want them to do this, they convinced us they were serious and we finally agreed. 

             They spent about a year working at this endeavor with a couple of friends as partners.  They worked very hard at growing the membership in the NYC area.  They made many contacts with business leaders, brokers and politicians and ran a monthly networking event.   I attended many of these events and was very impressed by the speakers they engaged and the activities they planned.  They had some success with their activities, but eventually, when it didn’t grow at the rate they might have expected, they all realized that they wanted to move on to their own careers.  They each went back to school to obtain Masters’ degrees and work successfully in their respective fields.   

             Our son, Joseph, never had the opportunity to join them in this endeavor because he was still in college.  He is now an Art Director with an ad agency in NYC, but during his college years he worked with us during breaks and in the summer.  In addition to the usual office activities, he used his talents to help create some of the marketing pieces and helped work on design ideas for our website.  We considered beginning a small business website at one time and Joseph was instrumental in helping model the design.

             Our daughter, Julia, continued to work in the office during summers and breaks right up until last summer after her freshman year of college.  Her pursuit of going to medical school will prevent her from joining us this summer as she has to begin doing internships in that field.